quarta-feira, 23 de abril de 2008

As temíveis perguntas!

Aqui estão as possíveis perguntas feitas no dia da entrevista para a obtenção do visto:

What is your name?
Are you a full time student?
How old are you?
What is your major field of study?
What is the level of English did your employer ask you to have?
Which subjects do you have?
For how long have you been in college?
When are your going to graduate?
What is your father´s job?
What is your mother´s job?
Do you have brothers or sisters? Tell me their names and their ages.
How long are you going to stay in USA?
Why do you want to go to USA?
Have you ever had a denied visa?
Have you been in US before?
Where are you going to work?
How many children will you take care? Tell me their names.
Tell me about your hostfamily.
What kind of business is it?
What is your title/position?
Are you palnning to travel in Us during your stay?
Who is paying your trip?
When are you leaving Brazil?
Do you have friends or relatives living in US?
Have you ever traveled abroad? What countries do you know?
What is your English level?
Would you like to stay in US after the end of your program?
what are you planning to do when you come back to Brazil?
Do you want us to sedex your visa to you or do you prefer to come back to pick it up in a few days?

É isso aí!
Um dia antes, nada de ficar acordado a noite inteira... No dia da entrevista, respire fundo e muita calma ao responder as perguntas. (Só espero lembrar dos meus próprios conselhos...)
Deus abençoe quem está preste a fazer a entrevista!