domingo, 16 de março de 2008

Mais uma Au Pairrrr!

Agatha, como assim já fechou com uma família??? Já???
Amiga, parabééééééééns!!!
Posso imaginar o quanto você está feliz! Ai, amiga, de novo, parabéns. Agora você já é au pair!!! Já parou para pensar nisso?!
Você deixou de ser pré-au pair para ser defenitivamente au pair! Que legal!
Amiga, e quando será seu visto??? Já sabe quando? Olha, vou postar aqui uma série de perguntas que o consulado costuma fazer para te ajudar.
Ai, ai, duas postagens que já estou devendo... Uma sobre ir com ou sem agência (vantagens e desvantagens) e, agora, a sua. Mas vou pesquisar no orkut, reunir as perguntas e postar aqui. Prometo! Mas para semana que vem...feriado.

Amiga, tenho que ir. Já está tarde.
Parabéns, Agatha, mais uma vez. Curta cada momento!

PS: Tá na hora de você abrir um blog!!!

Possíveis perguntas feitas pela família

Oi, amigos, estou voltando aqui para postar algo muito interessante que achei num dos blogs que visitei.
Perguntas feitas pela família, ou você estava achando que só nós fazemos um monte de perguntas??? risos.
Aí está:

"Possíveis perguntas que as famílias podem fazer:
- Have you ever lived out of your home country before?
- Tell us about your personality. Are you a cheerful person?
- Can you adjust living with a foreign family and be a part of it?
- Can you live apart from your family and friends?
- Have you ever been an aupair before?
- Why do you want to be an au pair?
- How well do you speak our language?
- Are you planning on going to a language school?
- What is your parent's occupation?
- How large is your hometown? Is it a large city or a rural area?
- What is your last diploma you received? Are you a good student?
- What are your hobbies and interests?
- How is your driving and driving record?
- Do you have a criminal record?
- Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
- How would you spend your weekends here?
- Will you request any time off to observe certain religious days?
- How do we arrange the vacation schedules?
- Are you flexible? If we run little late from work, do you mind?
- Would you participate in our family outings or vacations?
- Do you have any brothers or sisters?
- Please tell us about your childcare experience.
- Do you have any first-aid training?
- Can you cook?
- Do you have any dietary restrictions? Is there any type of food you don't eat?
- How would you approach any problems or issues during your stay?
- If we want you to teach our children your native language, would you mind speaking to them in your language?
- Do you have any allergies?
- How is your health? Do you have any health related issues?
- What kind of activities would you do with the kids?
- Can you help the children with homework?
- Would you treat younger and older children equally?
- How many children can you take care of?
- Our children have playmates coming over to our house regularly? Do you mind having more children around some days?
- How do you think this experience will change you as a person?
- What are your plans after your aupair experience?"

Amigos, o blog é este aqui:
O blog está desativado, mas tem muita coisa interessante. Vale a pena visitar.

Beijo a todos

+ e-mails falsos!!!


"Dear Au Pair,

HI! We are a fun family consists of an Au Pair to care for our 2 kids,Peter And Paul,eldest is Peter which is 4, And Paul which is just a year and some moth. I and my husband are busy working parents. We are looking for an enthusiastic, fun, friendly and kind au pair! We are easy going family living in London!

The safety and happiness of my children is my number one priority and it also needs to be yours. I'm looking for a female or a male au pair, ultra reliable, honest, and flexible and know how to play and have fun with children. You will have your own room - it's only one but there's a TV, video, DVD and CD in there.

You will have your own room and guaranteed your own privacy with food provided and pocket money. There will be plenty of free time for you to enjoy London and also make new friends and learn the English language.

My husband and i as promsie to give the best of education to any lucky au pair we will be having.

If you are interested and ready to take this responsibility and to experience life and education in the UK, please contact us. Leaving home is hard for anyone but we will welcome you into our home and look after you. We are ready to pay you 250 pounds every week, which we believe is ok by you inclduing pocket fee of 40 pounds per day.

We would love to hear from you soon!


Mrs. Ruth Harrison! "


"Dear Au pair,

I am Mrs fredricks lizzy,I am located In United Kingdom(Manchester city) am happily married and blessed with 2 kids. My husband's name is Joe who is a Scientist/researcher, names of my kids are Smith 3 years and Jennifa 5 years.
My kids are very intelligent and very cool.
I am a Accountant who works alot in other to achieve my objective in life. I am writing you this letter to know if you are willing to come to UK and take up an offer as aupair in my family,We live in a big House in the City. We are the owner our house which is duplex and as soon as you are taking up this offer we shall give you a room which you will have access to Internet,Television and car.
I will appreciate someone who is honest,trustworthy and understanding.
I will be expecting to have your response on how we shall proceed with you to come and leave with my family in UK.

Many Thanks,

Mrs fredrickslizzy"


"Hello Aupair Nanny,
I am Mrs Catrina James 37 Years Old, From Sussex England, United kingdom I work with Engineering Company here in the United Kingdom and i don't usually stays home only during weekends.My contact address is : 45 Gunner lane.Sussex England. I will like you to know that i have just two kids which name are Florie,and Ross and there ages are 6years and 4years old.I want an aupair nanny for them because there are the only one left at home after their father divorced me and he went with another woman.And i have an apartment room for he/she that would be taking care of the kids in my house.So i will like you to know that i will be paying you 1,200 Pounds for every four weeks and a pocket money of 350 Pounds per week for the buying of some things for your self .And the working hour is just 8 hours per day and your responsibility in my house is just to take care of my kids, cooking ,taking them on shopping ,taking them to where the school bus will pick them up from which is just 2 km ahead from home.And also you have a private room bathroom toilet and also if you wish to be having free period from 5 pm to 6 pm is acceptable.So i will like you to get back to me if you are interested in being my aupair nanny for my kids.
So i hope to hear from you soonest.
Here is my Email ID
Mrs Catrina James."