quarta-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2008

E-mail falsos e sem assinatura!

O primeiro e-mail falso. Eu copiei e colei, o e-mail veio assim mesmo! Observem que nem assinar o e-mail ele fez.

"I Am Mr. Michael Canli, 33 Years Old, From UNITED

KINGDOM. Family living in uk,seek an aupair to help

care for their 2 children aged 2 and 5 years old.

Mother is a dentist and father is a surgeon. All 2

children attend a local school. They live in a large

7 bedroom villa with a big garden just 2 minutes

drive from all the facilities and own 2 cats.

Cleaner employed. The aupair will have his/her own

spacious bedroom with private bathroom. No

babysitting is required. A driver is needed and the

aupair will have use of a car. The family wish to

find an aupair from anywhere "

Segundo e-mail falso:
"Hello aupair,
I'm mr barry wood and would like to seek if you are still available for the positon of and aupair, i have two lovely kids and we reside in london, Uk. My children names are phillip and andrel, the are 4, 2 yrs old, Due to work schedule, and contracts , i have be having hard time to put up with the kids as their mom is no more and her sister would be going to school in canada real soon , i need a loving loyal and humble aupair. i await your response as we would discuss futher as regards your payment and other issues as regards your travelling documents.
Thank you,"

Sem comentários depois de feito o do primero e-mail.
Um abraço a todos.

2 comentários:

Lilian disse...

Ola td bem? Vou ser AP esse ano tb se Des quiser! Esse ABC que vc fez é muito legal, adorei!!!

Vixe eu ja recebi tanto desses e-mails!!!!! Tenho uma miga, a pobi, q respoinde tudim kkkkkkkkkkk

Bjaaao ;)

j.lip's disse...

Bem, o pior é que estas tetas continuam a circular pela rede! é sempre bom encontrar alguém que tente demonstrar a estupidez destes e-mails.