domingo, 25 de maio de 2008

E-mails falsos...Fake, Fake, Fake!

Já estava sentindo falta...
Quando eu pensava que eles haviam me tirado da listinha deles... lá vem dois de uma só vez.
Só para constar que as propostas são falsas, porque tem gente que demora a acreditar...


"Hello Aupair,
My name is Christiana and am an bussiness woman who travels all around the Europe,south America and Asia due to my type of buying and selling of goods and my Husband is a soldier and he is a busy man.and i cant leave my children all alone cos I'm of two kids.therefore i saw your post that you will like to be an Aupair and i will want to know where you are at present,your age and if you can start by May or June i will appreciate it I can even introduce you to my traveling agency in other to make your trip to the U.K a fast one if you are not in the U.K. My children are intelligent and they are twins nice kids,Angel Jenny they are 2 years old .I want you to be with them and take good care of them for about 6 months or above.I have a private apartment with internet and computer for you and private a car for you that you will use when you get over here and will want to know if you can drive well please.

All i need from you is trust and honesty.


"Dear Nanny,
Looking for a female Au Pair. Our aupair will need to have to honest. Light housekeeping is required, and we will accept an aupair that lowyer.
We are looking for an au pair to help look after our 2 children. solo was born in Oct 2004 and jojo our new baby daughter was born in July 2007.
We both work in fairly demanding jobs, so are looking for help in getting the kids out to school and Creche (nursery shool) in the morning and then picking them up.
We are looking for someone who actually enjoys playing with the kids helping them grow and learn.
Making them dinner will also be needed as we typically get back from work around 6pm.
Light housekeeping is required, although we have a cleaning lady so it just to be with the kids after we have gone to work and i will like to know if a valid visa and work permit also if you dont have that please kindly email to this link( your to obtain your necesstry document and let them know that you from our family okay hope to hear from you with your desition dont for get to get back to me fast for me to know the next steep.Your mounthly payment will be 2,000 pounds and weekly purcket money will be 300pounds for just if you want to get sothing deed for your self okay will be having your private room with TV/DVD/CD/with video game there if you are intrestin just get back to us on this Email..
Rev. Julius"

Eu falei 2 e-mails??? Esquece, porque ainda tem o terceiro:

"Hello Aupair,
My Name is Engr.Dominic Padula, a computer software expert programmer resident in United Kingdom. My contact address is 30,Church St Billinghay, boston, Lincolnshire, LN3 2HN,United Kingdom.I work for a communications company in united state of America and am on call one week per month. My wife on the other hand will have varying work hours, but would be very considerate to your time as well. i just came back home from united state of America to spend some time with my family and i need an aupair before i went back.And my wife for the past year She have been a full-time student and mom, and have just recently graduated. She has just returned back to full-time work and feel as though my children would be best served by having a nanny or an aupair. We are looking for someone that we can treat as part of our family/friend and not just as a nanny/aupair. My wife and I are easy to get along with you, want to make you feel comfortable and at home and easy going, and down to earth.
The nature of my work makes me so busy and raising the kids as a parents is quite difficult. I will strongly need the services of an aupair. Like i said earlier i am a parent with two kids, their ages are 3 and 5 yrs and their names are wendy she is 3 years old and paul is 5 years old respectively. They are nice and respectful kids.
Facilities are made avaible to take them to school in the morning and back from school, also a cook is present in the house to make the meals at all times and a guest room is prepared for your arrival. I will be paying 1,000 pounds for every four weeks and a pocket money of 250 pounds per week for the buying of some things for your self .We would like our au pair/nanny to be a comfortable care giving partner/companion/sister who is caring, flexible, and will have fun with our family. Since my wife and I will not around until weekends, I would also love our au pair to go shopping with us, go out to eat with us, go to the movies with us, participate in family events, go on trips with us (we love going to amusement parks), share holidays with us, etc.--become a part of our family. We really want someone who will proactively talk, sing, laugh, interact, engage with the kids

And the working hour is just 7 hours per day and your responsibility in my house is just to take care of my Kids, them on shopping, taking them to the school bus will pick them up from which is just 2 km ahead from home. And also you have a private room bathroom toilet, TV personal Computer and also if you wish to be having free period from 5 pm to 6 pm is acceptable We are looking forward to the opportunity of meeting you and having you become a part of our happy family.

Engr.Dominic Padula"

Um abraço a todos

6 comentários:

Raquelzinha disse...

Oie! Tudo bem?

Então, vou ficar em Grayson e pelo que eu vi, as cidades são todas vizinhas e muito pertinho uma da outra! Ainda bem, né?

To tentando fica calma... mas isso não quer dizer que eu esteja conseguindo! rs


Luara disse...

hehe, esses emails são só pra dar risada mesmo né? hehehe

Um Beijoo, Lua!

Anônimo disse...

só agora q vc descobriu isso?

Lita disse...

thank you for the post. I almost fall for these kind of emails. I got few of these kind of emails too.

Anônimo disse...

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Anônimo disse...

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