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Katherine Spencer - FAKE!!!!

Gente, eu decidi postar novamente porque quero denunciar logo a Katherine Spencer. Não quero que pessoas caiam nas garras dela, ou seja lá de quem seja.
Por isso, abaixo vão os e-mails que troquei com ela. Reparem como no primeiro e-mail dela, ela não me chama pelo nome. Por isso, aí vai um alerta, se não começarem com o seu nome, desconfiem... outra coisa, nada de aceitar agência deles!!! É maior furada!!!

Aí vai o primeiro email:

Dear Prospective Aupair,

We found your profile on greataupair and we would like you to be our new aupair. We are a loving English family from Walsall, Birmingham and we are a fun-filled,happy, caring, and loving family. We are looking for an au pair to help the family out with our childcare services. We have three lovely, gentle, and fun loving kids. We are an interesting family and our life is always changing because we love to explore which is why we need a foreign aupair. We live close to town (5 minutes walk) with so many shops, cinema, church, school etc.

My career has been paused for sometime due to the absence of our aupair thatleft so your task primarily will be to look after the children during the day and give them a broader perspective on the world and its cultures and environs and the basic of growing up. The major training they need now is to view life from the perspective of "Where to Begin". We 're interested in having a young hearted person coming to live with us in order to enrich all of our lives i.e. my husband, the children's, the au pair's and mine. Our household is full offun, joy, happiness, and laughter. Our kid's have many interests. Our eldest son loves to be with people, play with his friends, read books and take part incheerleading. Our daughter (youngest of the three) likes to talk a lot and has plenty of energy. They are intelligent kids and you will surely love them. They are 2,3, and 5 years respectively and their names are David, Mark, and Ann respectively.

I travel quite a lot due to the nature of my job so we need the au pair to lend a hand when I'm not able to; to provide adequate childcare for the kids. I work as a consultant in a consultancy firm which has various braches all over Europe and my husband works as a transport manager and we are both full time worker. We are in our late 40's. Our routine changes everyday but we've always made sure that someone interesting and caring was around to look after them. The au pair can generally expect to attend to them when they wake up in the morning and entertain them during the day. Evenings will be free to yourself to hang around with friends, go the gym, college etc. We love having people come to stay and am sure we'll enjoy having an au pair here. We will do all we can to make sure you feels comfortable here.

If you wish you can decide to accept our Live-In option where you will have your personal room in our 3 bedroom apartment. Your bedroom is furnished with aDesktop PC connected to the internet, DVD player with 21 inch LCD TV, 3 seater Sofa, Bed, Wardrobe, and small refridgerator. If you choose to live-in then you won't have to pay for your accommodation and feeding including internet.

If you desire to study further, you will be opportuned to do so.

We are looking for an au pair to become part of our extended family. We are looking for someone who is outgoing, and has some experience taking care of infants. A drivers license is preferred but not necessary. Light housework and cooking would be ideal. If you are a smoker, then you should be ready not tosmoke in the presence of the kids.

You will be required to work for roughly 35 hours a week and your weekend off is guaranteed.

If you are interested and ready to take this responsibility and to experience tolive in United Kingdom, please contact us. You will be treated as part of our family.

Your major duties are stipulated below;
. Preparing and getting the children for school
. Taking children to and from school (their school is within a treckabledistance)
. Supervising homework
.Cooking/Baking and supervising children cooking
. Tidying up after cooking and play
.Teaching craft and supervising play
. Teaching them the basic things about life and how to grow up to be men and woman of valour
. Encouraging children to tidy up after themselves
. Preparing children and putting then to bed at night

You will be paid £840 monthly, which is £210 weekly. This is a huge offer because we want you to take the very best care of our kids as we believe theyare our future. That is why we offer to pay this much.

We will be expecting your reply shortly.
Regards, Katherine.
N.B. If you wish to view our profile, you can visit www.aupair.com and check our profile number 99641. Our pictures are not there, for security reasons, but youcan request for them and we shall surely send them to you.

Segundo e-mail:

Hello Ellen,
My perception about your email signifies acceptance that you have chosen to work with us. It's a good thing to know that you will be taking care of my children shortly. I am personally guaranteeing that you will enjoy every minute of your stay with us and you will never regret any bit of it. Our kids are the most loving kids and you will surely enjoy them. It will be nice if you can send your photograph so the kids can see you before you arrive so they can get familiar to your face.

Starting in December is also great. Kindly note that we would be needing your services for 24 months but if you cannot stay up to that then we can liase. Where is your present location i.e. which country are you in now? Do you need immigration assistance to come to United Kingdom? If yes, I would advise you to contact the travel agency that helped our previous aupair with her visa so they can help you too. Just tell them you need insurance, work permit, and air ticket and that you are referred to them by us. The agency contact details are as follows; Name: Wideroe Travels Address: 14 Broadwick Street, London NW6 1PU, United Kingdom Email: wideroetravels@postmaster.co.uk OR wideroetravels@london.com Telephone: +44 (0) 207-100-5705 It is highly preferred that you contact them through email so you can explain everything to them in details and I am sure they will offer you every necessary assistance. Make sure you contact them soon so they can start processing your documentations immediately.

We will be waiting to hear from you soon.
Regards, Katherine.

Amigos, eu decidi postar apenas estes dois e-mails porque são suficientes para vocês não caírem nas garras deles. Além disso, tem as fotos que eles me enviaram. Vou postar aqui.
Quero deixar claro para vocês que começamos a trocar e-mail dia 29/04. E ela não se importou que eu fosse apenas em dezembro. Não é só isso, depois que eu fui averiguar o nome das crianças, não eram conforme o e-mail: David, Mark and Ann, mas David, Paul and Ann. Nome composto? Não, ela respondeu que o pai chamava de Mark e ela de Paul. Ok, mas se ela que anda escrevendo os e-mails, por que ela não o chamou de Paul?! Depois que fiz esse comentário ela deletou o profile dela do site. E não mais me escreveu.
Tem outra coisa, ela nunca podia conversar comigo pelo msn, nem também me ligar...dizia que estava sempre ocupada.
Quer mais? Ok. Lembra que comentei do meu amigo que conheci nesse entr-tempo? Pois é, para azar o dela, ele morou pertinho dela por 1 ano. Pedi para ele averiguar com os contatos que ele tinha ainda por lá o endereço que ela havia me dado... Sabe no que deu??? Prédio comercial!!! Empresa de seguros.
Mais tarde, pelo nosso amigo orkut, eu descobri que ela estava chefando com outra brasileira para agosto...
Alguém tem mais dúvidas, nem eu...ainda mais depois que dei uma prensa e ela deixou de responder!
É isso aí, abram os olhos....desconfiem de tudo!!!

Obs: O au pair na Inglaterra não é legalizado para o Brasil, portanto, só com o visto de estudante. E tem mais, o visto de trabalho só é cedido para a pessoa física por meio do requerimento da pessoa jurídica, ou seja, somente uma empresa pode requerir que tenha um visto de trabalho para a Inglaterra.

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